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SongBook Master


ongbook Master is a mobile application specifically made for people who feels uncomfortable using old, traditional karaoke player that just has the machine and the songbook. This app has a portable DJ feature that allows you to search songs using Title or Singer by uploading to our server if Csv formatted file is present. Please visit to upload your song lists. You can also save songs that you like or frequently sing on Favorite list. Additionally, this app can do the time-saving task that DJs visit customers in person and asking for songs.

Just few key features:

SongBook Master

SongBook Master helps you to access the songbook from the hard disk on your mobile device. (Only if you have the song list saved as Csv file.)

My Song List

You can manage your owned songs by uploading to our server.

DJ Songbook

By uploading the song list that DJ owns to our server, customers can download the DJ ID and access and register the song list that DJ owns. There is no need for DJ to register songs by paper.

song search

You can search songs using title or singer.


You can save songs that you like or sing frequently on Favorite list.


You can edit your profile picture or nickname.

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